Lift Pumps

No matter what conditions you operate your diesel in, a performance diesel lift pump can improve your driving experience. With advances in design and engineering, aftermarket diesel fuel pumps today are strong enough to operate at flows and pressures far beyond the maximum requirements of your engine. That’s important because we all rely on our diesel trucks to get us where we’re going, each and every time. Stock lift pumps are known to fail, especially on certain vehicles. Now you can fix the weak link on your diesel with a diesel fuel lift pump that gets the job done right.

Diesel lift pump kits come with manufacturer warranties of four years or more – many even have lifetime warranties. They also make a real difference with cold weather starts. Using aggressive tunes on a diesel programmer can often over tax your diesel’s fuel system, causing the injection pump or fuel rail system to be starved for fuel. This often leads to check engine lights and thrown codes, not to mention can cause damage to injectors, always an expensive proposition. A diesel lift pump is great insurance against fuel system failures, and pays for itself in fuel economy and avoided fuel system component wear and tear. If you’re not sure which fuel pump would be best for you, shoot us an email and tell us about your truck and driving needs, we’ll email you back a recommendation. Or just give us a call.