Fuel Injection

The injection pump and injectors are the hardest working precision components on any diesel engine. If your injector opening pressures become low and the spray patterns are poor, the fuel will not atomize and burn as efficiently as it should. If your injection pump is worn or has fallen out of calibration, then the timing and fuel deliveries may be off and engine performance and fuel economy will suffer.

If you need new injectors or nozzles for your Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Ram Cummins, or Chevy Duramax, we’ve got you covered. Want a way to make your diesel engine last longer? Get an Air Dog fuel air seperation system and take the air, vapor and impurities out of your fuel, giving your injector nozzles a chance to spray pure diesel fuel into the engine. Other benefits of an AirDog Fuel/Air Separation & Filtration System include increased injection pump life, increased fuel economy, and higher flow rates of fuel to the engine.

Give your diesel engine what it needs and make sure it’s operating at peak efficiency with performance fueling upgrades from top brands like Industrial Injection, Dynomite Diesel, Fuel Air Separation Systems and BD Diesel.