Cat Back & DPF Back Exhaust

For better or worse, increasingly stringent diesel exhaust emissions control equipment and Federal regulations are here to stay. Everybody wants clean air, but many late model diesel owners still want to improve their performance while keeping their truck street-legal. Thankfully, diesel exhaust manufacturers have provided a solution – exhaust systems that retain all your necessary emissions equipment but still increase flow and reduce temperatures. These Catalytic Converter-Back and Particulate Filter-Back exhaust systems provide a constant diameter mandrel-bent intermediate pipe and tailpipe. They increase exhaust flow and help cut backpressure, leading to measurable performance gains.

The easier you make it for your diesel engine to move exhaust gasses, the better your engine performance and fuel economy will be. It might seem that CAT-Back and DPF-Back diesel exhaust systems wouldn’t make much difference, but the hard numbers show otherwise. Reputable diesel exhaust system manufacturers go to great lengths to make sure they are engineering equipment that will bring value to their customers. They dyno test for horsepower and torque increases, measure cubic foot per minute flow rate increases, even measure exhaust temperatures and temperatures outside the exhaust system at multiple locations. They do all this to make sure the product they sell you works, and works well.

For example, an AFE Exhaust System like a Chevy Duramax LMM DPF-Back Exhaust will give your 2007.5 to 2010 Silverado or Sierra HD an increase of up to 18 horsepower and more importantly will increase your torque by up to 51 lbs. x ft. Your CFM exhaust flow is increased by up to 126% and exhaust gas temperatures (EGT’s) are reduced by 150 degrees. All just by adding a DPF-Back exhaust system.