We’ve all been there. You’re driving a long uphill stretch of road in the middle of a hot Summer day. Up ahead you see brake lights and wonder why on earth people are hitting their brakes and slowing down on an incline. Then ahead you see the diesel truck doing 40 mph towing a big 5th wheel toy hauler up the hill. We’ve all seen that guy. Maybe we’ve even been that guy. The moral of the story? Don’t be that guy! Installing a diesel performance intercooler is one of the keys to low temperatures and more power.

Aftermarket intercoolers like the Banks Engineering Techni-Cooler Intercooler Systems improve airflow volumes into and out of the intercooler by increasing the diameter of the pre and post-intercooler boost tubes. The boost tubes are mandrel-bent for consistent diameters and smoother airflow. All that air is better cooled by larger core areas (about 25% bigger than stock on average!). Cooler air is denser air, and the denser air charge leads to greater engine efficiency and better fuel economy.

Instead of a plastic end tank like the stock intercooler, performance intercoolers come with durable aluminum end tanks that won’t burst or melt under high boost conditions. The improved cooling from an aftermarket diesel intercooler will give you more continuous towing power with lower Exhaust Gas Temperatures. The Bladerunner Intercooler from AFE results in an intercooler temperature reduction of 200 degrees Fahrenheit! Measured EGT’s dropped by 100 degrees with the Bladerunner Intercooler, and airflow increased by 30% over stock.

Installation of aftermarket performance intercoolers is clean and simple and can be done in a single afternoon. So don’t be that guy. Join all the Parleys Diesel Performance customers who have made the switch to a performance diesel intercooler and keep on truckin’ the next time you come to a hill and it’s 90 degrees outside.