Intake Manifolds

So how much difference could replacing one silly looking little tube really make, you ask? Well, the engineers at AFE tested their Bladerunner Intake Manifold on a common rail 5.9L Dodge Cummins to find out. The results? The AFE Bladerunner intake manifold outflowed the factory intake by over 30%. Dyno testing was even more impressive, with the Bladerunner yielding an additional 17 horsepower and a massive 50 foot pounds of torque over stock.

How do these diesel intake manifolds make such a big difference? Let’s look at another impressive intake manifold from Gale Banks Engineering. Their new Monster Ram intake provides an inside diameter that is over 3 inches wide on the engine side of the manifold. The stock common rail Dodge intake manifold is crimped down to about 1 inch at the same point. The difference in flow and boost psi is enormous, and real life gains are felt immediately after installation. Want to really ram the air down your engine’s throat? Add an optional intercooler boost tube from Banks and add even more diesel performance.

Ford Powerstroke diesel intake manifolds will give your truck better economy, more power, lower exhaust gas temperatures, and faster turbo spool up! Your intercooled air stays cool as it passes through and into your engine. More power is on the way, right away! Performance diesel intake manifolds come with one additional feature that can come in quite handy if you’re really into performance. Most diesel intake manifolds come with pre-drilled and pre-tapped ports that allow easier installation of a water-methanol injection kit, a propane injection system, nitrous injection, or sensors to monitor pressure or temperature.