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Snow Performance 10 Gallon Tool Box Style Bed Mount Reservoir Upgrade SNO-40015

Part# SNO-40015
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Product Description

Snow Performance is the only water-methanol injection company to go the extra mile and create a custom molded reservoir for all truck owners. The 10 Gallon Tool Box Style Bed Mount Reservoir mounts directly to the top bed frame rail and is engineered to sit above the wheel well in any pick-up. Equipped with a POWER Solenoid Upgrade, stainless steel straps, screen fitting, and your choice of red, blue, or black 1/4" High Temp Nylon Tubing, the 10 gallon reservoir will clean up your truck bed and safely allow you to carry 10 gallons of water-methanol on the street or while towing.

The Snow Performance 10 gallon tool box style bed mount reservoir upgrade can be mounted on either the driver side or the passenger side. If mounted on the driver side the larger section will be mounted towards the rear of the truck. If it is mounted on the passenger side, the larger section will be mounted towards the front of the truck.

Key Features

  • 10 Gallon Reservoir
  • (2) Stainless Steel Straps
  • 3/8NPT-1/8NPT Screen Fitting
  • 20 Feet 1/4" High Temp Nylon Tubing
  • (1) POWER Solenoid Upgrade
  • Required Hardware Needed for Installation
  • Comprehensive Instructions
  • Snow Performance 90 Day Parts Warranty

Tool Box Bed Mount Reservoir Dimensions

Water-Methanol Tank Mileage Ranges

  • On a Stage 1 or 2 system, the factory washer fluid tank on a pickup truck (usually 1-1.5 gallons) will last a tank of fuel. This is for normal mixed driving with no towing and some aggressive acceleration.
  • On a Stage 3 MPG MAX™ used for towing, the 10 gallon reservoir usually lasts 2-3 tanks of diesel fuel. In an un-loaded state, the 10 gallon reservoir will provide about 1500 miles of range. When towing, the 10 gallon usually lasts about 750 miles.
  • A standard Stage 3 system will use about 1 gallon of liquid for every 75 miles of towing. Many Stage 3 users take advantage of their stock washer tank or the special universal fitting included in Stage 3 Snow Performance diesel kits with a custom large capacity tank. Be sure to use a solenoid upgrade for any reservoir mounted in the rear of the vehicle.