S&B Tanks 52 Gallon Replacement Fuel Tank For 2005-2022 Dodge Ram Cummins Crew, Quad & Mega Cab Short Bed 4x4 10-1021

Part# 10-1021
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Product Description

S&B Tanks are made with the best quality high-density crosslink polyethylene. Being built from this material holds many advantages over metal fuel tanks. S&B Tanks will not rust, corrode or de-laminate over time. They also won’t have condensation issues, and are more resilient than metal tanks. S&B pressure tests every single tank before they leave the factory. And with seamless installation, you don’t have to be a mechanic to install yours. S&B Tanks are designed to be installed in just a few hours.

Key Features

  • 52 Gallon Replacement Tank
  • Integrated Fuel Sump
  • Ready for Installation of Lift Pumps like FASS or Airdog
  • Detailed Installation Instructions
  • Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
  • Fits Crew Cab Short Bed, Quad Cab Short Bed, and Mega Cab Short Bed – 4 Wheel Drive Only

This 52 gallon replacement tank fits Crew/Quad/Mega Cab Short Bed 4 Wheel Drive trucks only. Go further between fill-ups and get more out of your truck. With S&B Tanks, now you can drive confidently without being inconvenienced by constant stops at the pump.

The S&B Tank uses the OEM sending unit and float so the empty position in the S&B Tank is the same as the OEM tank. Since the bottom surface area on the S&B Tank is larger, the 52 Gallon tank will have a greater fuel reserve.