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Punisher Performance Reaper Tuner for 2011-2016 GM Duramax LML

Part# Reaper-DuramaxLML
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Product Description

The Reaper programmer from Punisher Performance utilizes the EFI-ILive Autocal platform to give you the best custom tuning options in an easy to use handheld programmer. Punisher Performance has spent hundreds of hours adjusting and fine-tuning these programs to ensure that your Duramax LML will see the best and safest gains in power, torque and fuel mileage.

Key Features

  • Comes Programmed with 3 Power Levels
  • Future Custom Tuning Available
  • Reads and Clears Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Scans and Logs Data
  • Custom Tuned Specifically to Your Truck

These tunes are appropriate for Duramax LML diesels with stock engines and transmissions. There are three different power levels pre-programmed on the Autocal so you can choose the tune that meets your specific needs. Choose from a Tow tune, a Fuel Mileage tune, and a 500 Horsepower Race Tune. 500 Horsepower is the maximum recommended power level for a stock transmission, turbo and engine. If you want to make more power than that, Punisher Performance can design a custom tune based on your further upgrades.