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FASS Titanium Series 165 GPH Fuel Pump for 1998.5-2004 Dodge 5.9L Cummins TD08165G

Part# TD08165G
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Add An Optional Suction Tube Kit with Bulkhead Fitting

Add a FASS Electric Diesel Fuel Heater Kit

Product Description

Consider that typical No. 2 Diesel Fuel consists of about 10% air. This fuel problem is compounded by dirt and other debris that can be found in a diesel fuel tank. Without a way to filter your fuel, at some point in the future you can expect to have expensive repairs of injectors, injection pumps and other fueling components. FASS Titanium Fuel Systems address these issues head on by meticulously filtering out such problematic air & vapor — along with other contaminants in the fuel — before it’s sent to your truck’s injectors.

Key Features

  • Large 1/2" Ports & Fuel Lines
  • New Bolt On Bracket Installation
  • Preset 16-18 PSI Fuel Pressure
  • 30,000 Mile Filter Life Expectancy
  • Quietest Motor On The Market
  • Increases Injector Life & Dependability
  • Fuel Mileage Improvements
  • Smoother Engine Idle
  • Improved Fuel Volume Delivery
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • NOTE: If the truck has been retrofiitted with an in-tank pump, you must use a suction tube kit with this pump, or instead purchase FASS Titanium Kit TD07165G

It is suggested for this higher performance Lift Pump to upgrade your pump kit to include the FASS Bulkheading and Suction Tube kit (STK-1002). This bulkhead kit allows for a larger volume of diesel fuel to be retrieved by the fuel pump and will offer a convenient return option. This is important for high performance Dodge Cummins application that demand large a large amount of diesel fuel for aggressive fueling upgrades.

Obsessed with providing the absolute best conditioned fuel to your diesel engine, FASS Fuel Systems has an entire R&D team developing solutions to the problems that contaminants in diesel fuel wreak upon your truck. Along with The Association of Diesel Specialists and other diesel industry leaders, they recognize the severity that problems with the fuel supply — including air/vapor in fuel — can cause. From FASS, here is just the short list:

  • Low Horsepower
  • Low Fuel Mileage/Poor Fuel Mileage
  • Excessive Smoke
  • Injector Failure
  • Hard Start or Will Not Start
  • Engine Surges at Low Idle
  • Warm Engine Runs Rough or Misfires in Operating Range
  • Rough Idle
  • Engine Will Not Reach Rated Speed When Loaded

FASS’ Mass Flow Return (MFR) technology is used to continually “polish” your fuel. It does this by keeping a positive pressure on the fuel being delivered to the engine and returning fuel that’s not yet needed back to the tank after it has been passed through the filtration process, removing dirt, air, vapor and water. This means your fuel is being constantly moved and cleaned, guarantying that your diesel truck always has the freshest and cleanest fuel possible.