FASS Extended Length Particulate Filter PF-3001XL

Part# PF-3001XL
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Product Description

The new FASS Particulate Filter is rated at @ 144 Microns. The 144 Micron Particulate Filter on the suction side will drastically reduce cavitation, increase flow properties, lower the sound output of the FASS system, and removes larger fuel particulates. The new XWS-3002XL MUST be used in conjunction with the PF-3001XL. The new filters cannot be used in combination with the FF-3003/FF-3010 or FS-1001/FS-1020. When replacing the discontinued filters with the new XWS-3002XL and PF-3001XL, the XWS-3002XL will now be placed on the pressure side of the pump and the PF-3001XL will be placed on the suction side. Please see the location diagram on the new filters for proper placement!

FASS is in the business of building extremely high-quality fuel products. All of their efforts are concentrated in this one area. FASS takes great pride in this specialization and implements rigorous testing procedures for each FASS product so you can share this same pride — that you are running with the highest-quality fuel system in the world. Think FASS!