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Diesel Power Digi CRTV Power Module for 2005-2015 Cummins 8.3L ISC & 8.9L ISL Diesel Pusher RVs

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Product Description

Looking for a way to get more out of your common rail diesel pusher motor home? Want a safe, dependable and reliable performance upgrade that is easy to install and doesn’t break the bank? Parley’s Diesel is pleased to be able to offer just what you’re looking for in the Diesel Power Digi CRTV Power Module.

If your RV with a build date of 2005 through 2015 is equipped with a Cummins 8.3L ISC or 8.9L ISL common rail diesel engine, the Digi CRTV will give you improved fuel economy and increased horsepower and torque. The CRTV module obtains these improvements by altering the RV’s fuel injection timing and duration. All Diesel Power modules are designed with extreme care so that all engine safety measures are still in place.

The Digi CRTV is a “plug and play” performance module that comes complete with a wiring harness which plugs directly into the factory style connectors without any damage or modifications to the OEM components. One of the best benefits of the Diesel Power Common Rail power module is that there are no significant increases in EGT’s (exhaust gas temperatures.)

Key Features & Benefits

  • Increased Horsepower and Torque
  • Modules Leave No Footprint on Vehicle ECU
  • Easy Plug and Play Installation
  • 1 Year Product Replacement Warranty
  • Smooth Shifting and Improved Throttle Response
  • Up to 10% Fuel Economy Gains!
  • Works Within Safe Engine & Transmission Limits

The module comes with an adjustable 16 position power dial that allows you to find your own personal “sweet spot” of power and economy. The power settings start from 0-9 and then from A-F, with F being the maximum setting and the equivalent of setting “16.” Each RV responds a little bit differently to this module, often due to driving style. We recommend you choose a setting between 9 and C. These settings are typically going to give you the optimal blend of fuel economy and power, and you’ll be adding about a 10% to 15% increase in horsepower and torque. Changing power settings is quick and easy and can be done with a small flat head screwdriver or a pocket knife.

Diesel Power® tuning modules are specifically designed to interact with data and systems provided by the manufacturer’s computer control injection units while respecting all mechanical and electronic safeguards set at the factory level. Diesel Power modules are E-1 and TUV Certified and built with military grade electronic components. We also recommend reading Diesel Power’s Frequently Asked Questions page for important information including a further discussion on your vehicle warranty. Like all purchases at Parley’s Diesel Performance, you have a full 30 days to return this module if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Customer Testimonials

“I received the module yesterday. The install took all of ten minutes not counting removing the hatch and actually mounting the module. I test drove it with the setting on 9. Without the module my 400 ISL pushing 33K lbs accelerated from 25mph to 60 mph in 25 seconds. With the module it took 20 seconds. I also noticed an immediate improvement in mileage with the instant readout and the average readout. The real test will be next week traveling 450 miles down I5 and over the Grapevine. I am truly impressed at how easy it was to install. Receiving two different installation cables is a great way to be sure it installs without hassles. The bypass plug is brilliant too. I first installed the cable using the bypass plug to make sure it ran. Then I installed the module. After the long trip I will experiment with higher settings but for now the 9 setting has already improved it a lot.” Follow up… “With the Digi CRTV module on flat ground while accelerating heavily I had to turn it to setting 9. Towing and pulling harder I have had to turn it down to 8 but am totally satisified with the improvement in acceleration and hill climbing. In combination with the engine fan from Source engineering I am seeing about 9 mpg in a 40 footer loaded close to 40K lbs. Truly amazing improvement in performance.” Myron T. – 2008 HR Endeavor 400 ISL