Bully Dog Big Rig Ceramic Coated Exhaust Manifolds for 2004-2007 Detroit Series 60 12.7L EGR 85303

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Product Description

Bully Dog Big Rig means business with their new premium ceramic coated exhaust manifolds — the fastest flowing exhaust manifolds in the industry. They have been designed to provide quicker turbo spool, higher power output and more fuel economy for class 8 Detroit 12.7L engines. Bully Dog’s engineering team spent a considerable amount of time analyzing the possible flow layouts for each manifold using state of the art computer aided design software. Each manifold was simulated and prototyped numerous times searching for the most efficient design. The two primary goals were to maximize the airflow and to eliminate any & all known failure points in the existing stock manifold. The final result is not only impressive, it looks great and is fine-tuned for engine performance.

Key Features

  • 18% More Airflow Over Stock
  • Hand Ported and Polished
  • Ceramic Coated Finish              
  • EGT Temperatures 80-100° Cooler
  • Pick up 0.2 to 0.3 MPG Improvement
  • Radiating Temperatures 300° Cooler
  • Improved Fuel Economy Over Stock
  • Adds up to Additional 32 HP to the Rear Wheels
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Includes turbo studs
  • Note: Replaces Stock Manifold 23516107

Bully Dog Big Rig Exhaust Manifold Overview

How did Bully Dog increase airflow? First, the sharp corners common on the stock manifolds were eliminated along with other edge related improvements. More airflow equals greater turbo response & more horsepower to the rear wheels. Independent testing on a flow bench shows 18% greater airflow over stock manifolds. Next, the Big Rig Engineers at Bully Dog created a better design. Leakage — common in stock manifolds — is prevented by using a tightened, thicker, three piece, metal-alloy system. The reinforced metal alloy allows all 3 pieces to expand and contract at the same rate — so as the engine heats up & cools down, the stress to the joints is greatly reduced over the life of the manifold.

Finally, each manifold is hand ported and polished when it comes from the foundry to prevent metal burrs and the interfering turbulence they cause. The ceramic coating — both inside & out — ensures the engine heat is utilized to spin the turbo rather than be absorbed by the manifold’s metal alloy. We all know the greater the turbo response, the more efficient the engine. Not only that, but the ceramic coating used in these exhaust systems reduces the temperatures radiating off the manifold by 300° & the EGT’s by 80° to 100° !   Better Design & Better Looking — Bully Dog Big Rig means Business!

Note: Replaces Stock Manifold 23516107