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Bully Dog Big Rig BFT-1 400-725 HP Performance Turbo Charger for Caterpillar 3406B, 3406C, 3406E, C9, C10, C11, C12, C13, C15 and C16 Engines 56250

Part# 56250 l UPC# 681018562508
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Product Description

With a focus on reliability Bully Dog Big Rig offers their BFT-1 Turbo Charger for Caterpillar 3406B, 3406C, 3406E, C9, C10, C11, C12, C13, C15 and C16 engines. Engineered & Manufactured with Bully Dog’s renowned quality, this 400-725HP Performance Turbo features improved horsepower and fuel economy as well as lower EGTs. With a quicker spool up and better casting craftsmanship than OEM turbos — the Big Rig BFT-1 is the perfect OEM replacement and is the best turbo charger for class 8 vehicles on the road today.

Key Features

  • 6% — 12% More Fuel Economy
  • 40 Horsepower Increase
  • 5 to 10 PSI Boost Increase Over Stock
  • Triple Balanced – up to 180,000 RPM
  • Bolts Up To Factory Locations
  • 100% Balanced Cartridge for Fast Spool & Longer Life
  • Attractive Polished Aluminum Compressor Housing
  • One Year Warranty & Industry Leading Support
  • 78mm Inducer

What makes a Bully Dog Turbo better?

  • Better Quality: Bully Dog turbo chargers are manufactured
 with copper thrust washers and journal bearings. Copper thrust washers are more resilient because they are machined out of round stock, as opposed to being cast out of pot metal.
  • Better Manufacturing Process: In the manufacturing process, the Bully Dog turbo charger is triple balanced up to 180,000 RPM to ensure maximum reliability.
  • Simpler Buying Process: Bully Dog doesn’t require a core charge on turbo chargers; eliminate the need to pay extra up front and then shipping old turbos back and forth and waiting to see if you get your core charge back.
  • First Class Warranty: Our Bully Dog turbo include a one-year warranty.
  • New Features: New Billet Wheel & Improved Clamps.

A vitally important component to a vehicle’s overall performance, the turbo charger affects power output, fuel economy & throttle response. The turbo charger that’s running in your vehicle is a factor in its efficiency — if it’s less than the best, then its efficiency is not optimal — and that affects your experience on the road, especially during long hauls. If the throttle isn’t responding effectively, you aren’t getting that extra power when it’s needed. What’s more is you’re wasting fuel — and that’s money out of your pocket. So choosing the best turbo charger for your rig is nothing short of crucial. Bully Dog Big Rig’s BFT-1 is proven on the road, both in performance and longevity. It typically costs less than an OEM replacement — AND there’s no hassle of a CORE charge… Bully Dog isn’t toying with its Big Rig business and the BFT-1 proves this.

Fits The Following CAT Engines

    •   1984-2003     3406B 14.6L
    •   1984-2003     3406C 14.6L
    •   1994-2003     3406E 14.6L
    •   1989-2003     3406E 15.8L
    •   1999-2003     C-10 10.3L
    •   2003-2006     C-11 11.1L
    •   1997-2003     C-12 12.0L
    •   2004-2010     C-13 12.5L
    •   1999-2003     C-15 14.6L
    •   1999-2003     C-16 15.8L
    •   2004     C-15 14.6L Single Turbo (Non-ACERT)
    •   2004-2010     C-15 ACERT 15.2L
    •   2004-2010     C-9 9.3L