BD Diesel Super B Twin Turbo Upgrade Kit for 1998.5-2002 Dodge 5.9L Cummins 1045325

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Product Description

Upgrade Your BD Diesel Super B Single Turbo To A Compounded Twin!

Boosting your Cummins 5.9L beyond 450 Rear Wheel Horsepower and keeping the working exhaust temperatures around 1200 degrees Fahrenheit and at the same time keeping your truck street friendly can be a real challenge. BD Diesel Performance’s Super B Twin Turbo kits are up to the challenge! With this kit you can upgrade your BD 1045220 Super B Single Turbo that you already have installed on your truck and turn it into a twin turbo set up where you can make between 350hp-575hp and use your pick-up for daily driving, full-time RV’ing, weekend adventures or a little fun on the track. Plus, this kit keeps the EGT’s low and fuel economy high. If you’re needing to replace your current turbo and are looking for a complete twin turbo kit that includes both turbos then the BD 1045320 is the kit you will want instead.

Key Features

  • Includes Turbine Blanket for Primary Turbo
  • Stage-compounded AirWerks S300 turbochargers
  • High CFM yielding high power with low EGTs
  • Quick, low-rpm response
  • Broad power curve across the entire engine rpm range
  • Easily cool 575 rear wheel horsepower
  • Great towing and competition
  • Upgrade kits available for Super B Single
  • 1190 CFM – 82.30 LBS/MN – 650 HP
  • Comp Wheel High Pressures: 66mm 2.60in
  • Comp Wheel Low Pressures: 58mm 2.28in
  • Primary Turbo, Down Pipe, Piping, Air Box, Washable Air Filter, Heat Wrap, Clamps, Hoses, Oil Drains, Brackets and Hardware
  • Extended tip compressor wheel technology

5.9L Cummins Twin Kit on Engine

The Super B Twin kit uses a large Borg Warner Air Werks turbo as the primary which feeds the Super B Single that serves as the secondary, compounding the air flow to deliver up to and beyond 60psi of superior boost pressure. The secondary turbo comes with BD’s own heavy duty waste gate kit and Turnbuckle for consistent pressure without “creep” and ease of adjustment. A polished housing is now standard on the Super B Twin Turbo kit.

Included in the Super B Twin Turbo kits is BD Diesel’s X-Intake system with a twin turbo air flow matched conical washable Green air filter and casted and machine-matched turbine connection. It also includes flow-matched exhaust and intake piping and all necessary heat shields. The Low Pressure turbo has a 66mm compressor wheel and an 80mm turbine wheel size. The High Pressure turbo has a 58 mm compressor wheel and a 65mm turbine wheel.

BD Diesel Performance recommends that when you install these twin turbos you also utilize one of their Xtruded Charge Air Inter-coolers which are designed to handle the flow and boost pressure created with this type of fueling and turbo combination.

Note: This is a turbo upgrade kit and does not come with two turbos. This kit will upgrade your existing BD Super B Single Turbo kit to a compounded twin turbo set up. Upgrade from 1045310, 1045320 or 1045330 Super B Single turbo kit.