Banks SpeedBrake with iDash 1.8 Super Gauge for 2007.5-2010 GMC/Chevy 6.6L Duramax LMM 61433

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Product Description

The world’s first All-Electronic Braking System. A revolutionary approach to exhaust braking, Banks patented new SpeedBrake does what no brake has done before. It achieves maximum braking power by intelligently modulating systems already found on the truck. SpeedBrake manipulates the variable geometry turbine vanes in concert with deliberate gear selection and torque converter clutch application to deliver total hill-taming stopping power and peace of mind. Totally automatic, SpeedBrake lets you set your desired downhill speed and it does all the rest.

Key Features

  • World’s First All-Electronic Braking System
  • Plug-n-play install
  • No cutting or welding
  • More effective braking than is possible with a simple valve assembly
  • Cuts downhill speed up to 78 percent
  • All automatic user selectable speed
  • Includes Banks iDash 1.8 Super Gauge
  • Emissions compliant: CARB EO D-161-91

SpeedBrake’s plug-in connection makes for a clean and simple installation without cutting or tapping into vital wire harnesses. No need to crawl under your truck to cut up the exhaust system — no mechanical “adjustments” necessary to insure its function. SpeedBrake uses the trucks own components giving you the safety needed with no added mechanical parts to fool around with or second guess. SpeedBrake has no competition and makes no compromises. As a smart device, the SpeedBrake becomes an active component of your vehicle, constantly monitoring and adjusting systems achieving the speed you set. Using its patented technology the SpeedBrake controls your transmission’s shifting, locks and unlocks the torque converter and infinitely varies the VG turbo’s vanes to hold your set speed and maximize stopping performance to ensure that you have the safety and confidence for the long haul.

Optional Banks Gauge Pod Suction Mount

More effective braking than is possible with a simple valve assembly. Operating modes On (Maximum braking: High, Med and Low strength settings). Speed Control (Maintains pre-selected target speed. Easy gauge based control). Displays vehicle speed, current braking effort (relating to vane position), trans temp, engine coolant temp and much more. OBDII scan tool capability (reads/interprets/clears codes). System Status Indicator with on-screen alerts (excessive coolant or trans temps, for example). Easy, clean install (all-electronic design requires only a few simple underhood connections), no modifications to the exhaust system are needed. In testing, dramatically outperformed all competitive products in basic braking function (and nobody but Banks has anything like a Speed Control Mode!)