Banks Monster 4" Stainless Steel Exhaust for Crew Cab Long Bed 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke 49781

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Product Description

This exhaust system isn’t called “Monster” just to sound cool. That’s because the Banks’ Monster® Exhaust with CoolCuff™ is a meticulously designed & tested DPF-back system that actually delivers cooler exhaust gas temperatures. Cooler EGT equals power. This 4" rugged, heavy-duty 100% stainless steel Monster of an exhaust system cuts backpressure by up to 40%. With air-flows up to 80% better than your PowerStroke’s stock exhaust, Banks Monster exhaust system is streamlined with heavy-wall tubing and constant-diameter bends — maximizing your truck’s airflow.

Key Features

  • Extensively tested & validated
  • Improves flow up to 80%
  • Unique CoolCuff™ design
  • 100% stainless steel — no aluminum here!
  • Huge 6″×5″ polished rolled-edge tip
  • Won’t void factory warranty
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

The EPA-mandated DPF on newer diesel engines has created unique challenges in the diesel after-market performance industry. Banks Power has met these challenges head-on — designing and implementing systems that not only improve your diesel’s performance but its safety as well. When the DPF reduces smoke by turning it into ash through regeneration, it creates tremendous EGT — around 1,100° F. Such extreme temperatures pose safety threats if not managed properly.

Banks’ exclusive CoolCuff design lowers tailpipe temperatures as much or more than stock while simultaneously improving flow and cutting backpressure. So what?? Well, this means more power to your wheels and improved fuel economy to your wallet — That’s what!! Not to mention the safety of people, property and pets passing by your tailpipe. Beware – the same can not be said of other DPF-back exhaust systems.

How would you finish off this expertly engineered Monster? Banks has crowned this Monster exhaust system with a 6″×5″ rolled edged tailpipe of polished-stainless steel. It’s double-walled design features a 1/2" air gap — preventing heat from tarnishing its mirror finish. All considered, the 4" Banks’ Monster is one cool exhaust system.

Please note: These exhaust systems do not fit Cab/Chassis models.