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Agricultural Diesel Solutions Power Module for 3.8L Final Tier IV Kubota CR w/ DPF/DOC/SCR Engines KUB3804

Part# KUB3804
$2,109.63 Now $1,917.85

AVAILABILITY: Ships from Manufacturer

Not Available to Ship to California

Product Description

Agricultural Diesel Solutions designs, manufactures and tests power modules that help farmers get the performance and fuel savings they need from their tractors. With a lifetime warranty, ADS power modules are built from quality components and each module is factory inspected before being shipped. If you want to cover more acres per hour, pull larger implements, and save fuel while doing it, you owe it to yourself to make the investment in an ADS performance enhancing module.

Key Features

  • Increased Horsepower
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Cover More Acres Per Hour
  • Adjustable Power Increase Levels
  • Does Not Defeat or Bypass Emissions Controls
  • Industrial Grade Electronic Components
  • Installation Instructions with Color Photos
  • Simple Installation – No Cutting or Splicing
  • Engineered & Tested In-House at ADS
  • Note: Does Not Support Emissions Deletes

Agricultural Diesel Solutions modules are easy to install and come with complete installation instructions with color photos. The module has a sealed design to protect against non-uniform temperature gradients, humidity, corrosion and vibration. Only electronic components meeting industrial temperature performance are incorporated. Electronic design methodologies, technologies, and materials are selected to achieve minimal susceptibility to voltage spikes and glitches induced by environmental electromagnetic interference and severe duty environments.

Agricultural Diesel Solutions Power Module Switch

The above module is shown in the stock position. Stock is all the way to the left (counter clockwise). Move the rotary switch to the Middle for the Low Position and to the far right for the High Position.

Agricultural Diesel Solutions is the best choice in aftermarket power modules for your tractor. They have listened to the needs of tractor owners, and have created a true solution to get the job done right with more power and less fuel. All electrical connections between circuit boards, switches, and wire harnesses are directly soldered. This eliminates potential corrosion-induced high-impedance connections, like opens, shorts, and partial or intermittent connections. Electronics are potted in a slow-cure epoxy compound. All selector switches which are not potted are of an inherently sealed design.

Agricultural Diesel Solutions Performance Module KUB3804 Works in the Following Tractors:

Kubota 3.8L Tier IV Common Rail with DPF/DOC/SCR

  • M4N-071 Tractor
  • M5-091 Tractor
  • M5-111 Tractor
  • M6-101 Tractor
  • M6-111 Tractor
  • M6-131 Tractor
  • M6-141 Tractor
  • M7-131 Tractor
  • M7-151 Tractor
  • M7-171 Tractor
  • SVL90-2 Compact Track Loader
  • SVL95-2 Compact Track Loader

Takeuchi 3.8L Tier IV Common Rail with DPF/DOC/SCR

  • TL12R2 Compact Track Loader
  • TL12V2 Compact Track Loader