Ag Diesel Solutions CAT4000 Performance Module for Caterpillar C7 and C9 Caterpillar Off-Highway Engines with HEUI Fuel Systems

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Installation Instructions

Ag Diesel Solutions Performance Modules CAT4000 Details

Ag Diesel Solutions performance modules from PSI Power increase your vehicle's power safely and efficiently, giving you better fuel mileage in a vehicle warranty-friendly package. Rather than plug into the OBD-II port and communicate with the ECM like a traditional tuner, in-line power modules from Ag Diesel Solutions intercept the factory ECM signal en route to the fueling systems. The intercepted signal is then modified by the power module and continues on, providing all the benefits of efficiency and performance programming without ever communicating with the factory ECM. This plug-and-play tuning means there is no "footprint" in the ECM, and as long as you remove the module from your vehicle before taking it in to the dealership for warranty or service work, they will never know it was installed, keeping your valuable factory warranty intact.

Key Features

  • Add Horsepower, Torque and Fuel Mileage
  • Multiple Power Levels to Choose From
  • Change Power Levels On-The-Fly
  • Won't Void Your Factory Warranty (Remove the Module Before Service)
  • Engineered, Designed and Manufactured in the USA
  • US-Based Customer Service and Tech Support
  • Comes with Installation Instructions with Photos
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Works in these Vehicles with C7 and C9 Caterpillar off-highway engines with HEUI fuel systems:



  • 864 Rogator Sprayer
  • 874 Rogator Sprayer
  • SS884 Rogator Sprayer
  • 984 Rogator Sprayer
  • 984H Rogator Sprayer
  • 994 Rogator Sprayer
  • 994H Rogator Sprayer
  • 1064 Rogator Sprayer
  • 1074 Rogator Sprayer
  • SS1074 Rogator Sprayer
  • 1084 Rogator Sprayer
  • SSC1084 Rogator Sprayer
  • 1184 Rogator Sprayer
  • 1184H Rogator Sprayer
  • 1194 Rogator Sprayer
  • 1194H Rogator Sprayer
  • SS874 Rogator Sprayer
  • 884 Rogator Sprayer
  • SSC1074 Rogator Sprayer
  • 1264 Rogator Sprayer
  • 1264C Rogator Sprayer
  • 1274 Rogator Sprayer
  • 1274C Rogator Sprayer
  • 1286 Rogator Sprayer
  • 1286C Rogator Sprayer
  • 1386 Rogator Sprayer
  • 1396 Rogator Sprayer
  • 6203 Terragator Sprayer
  • 8203 Terragator Sprayer
  • 8204 Terragator Sprayer
  • 8244 Terragator Sprayer
  • 660B Challenger Combine
  • 670B Challenger Combine



  • 560R Combine
  • 570 Combine
  • 570R Combine
  • 575R Combine
  • 670 SW Combine
  • 730 Combine
  • 740TT Combine
  • 3800 Tractor



  • 660 Combine
  • 670 Combine
  • MT745 Tractor
  • MT745B Tractor
  • MT755 Tractor
  • MT755B Tractor
  • MT755C Tractor
  • MT765 Tractor
  • MT765B Tractor
  • MT765C Tractor



  • 02-04 D6R LGP Series II Crawler Dozer
  • 02-04 D6R Series II Crawler Dozer
  • 02-04 D6R XL Series II Crawler Dozer
  • 02-04 D6R XW Series II Crawler Dozer
  • 05-12 D6R LGP Series III Crawler Dozer
  • 05-12 D6R Series III Crawler Dozer
  • 05-12 D6R XL Series III Crawler Dozer
  • 05-12 D6R XW Series III Crawler Dozer
  • 324D LR Excavator
  • 324DL Excavator
  • 324DL LR Excavator
  • 324DL ME Excavator
  • 324DLN Excavator
  • 325D Excavator
  • 325DL Excavator
  • 325DL LR Excavator
  • 325DLN Excavator
  • 328D LCR Excavator
  • 329D Excavator
  • 329DL Excavator
  • 329DL LR Excavator
  • 329DL ME Excavator
  • 329DLN Excavator
  • 330C Excavator
  • 330CL Excavator
  • 330CL LR Excavator
  • 330CL ME Excavator
  • 330CL UHD Excavator
  • 330D Excavator
  • 330DL Excavator
  • 330DL LR Excavator
  • 330DL ME Excavator
  • 330DL RE Excavator
  • 330DLN Excavator
  • 336D Excavator
  • 336D LN Excavator
  • 336D2 Excavator
  • 336DL Excavator
  • 336DL LR Excavator
  • 336DL ME Excavator
  • 340DL Excavator
  • 03-04 12H Motor Grader
  • 05-07 12H Motor Grader


The adjustable three position switch allows you to adjust on-the-fly from Stock, +15%, or +30% Horsepower. There is no ECM flash required. Instead the module receives the data from the ECM and optimizes the signal to the engine to improve both power and fuel efficiency. True Plug-and-Play connectivity means you won’t need to cut or splice any wires. Just connect the Heavy Duty Truck Edition module into your existing factory connectors.


Agricultural Diesel Solutions Power Module Switch


The above module is shown in the stock position. Stock is all the way to the left (counter clockwise). Move the rotary switch to the Middle for the Low Position and to the far right for the High Position.


This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to
California Proposition 65 Notice
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