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AEM Water Injection 50 State Legal Diesel Kit 30-3111

Part# 30-3111 l UPC# 840879022068
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Product Description

AEM has released the first ever 50-state legal Water Injection System for later-model Chevy, Dodge and Ford Turbo Diesels. This system allows users to legally install water injection on specific Turbo Diesels that are used on highways and surface streets in all 50 United States.

Key Features

  • 50 State Emissions Legal – CARB E.O. #D-392-25
  • Heavy-duty 200 PSI injection pump provides quiet, smooth operation
  • Low Profile 5-Gallon Tank with Low Fluid Sensor
  • Integrated AEM “Boost Safe” Safety Features
  • Machined Billet Injector with Integral Check Valve
  • Factory Set, Boost-Referenced Progressive HD Controller
  • Includes two different-sized jets to match your power requirements

When properly introduced, water injection can promote safer engine operation by reducing exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs). This makes it ideal for Diesel engines under heavy loads and towing up grades. This technology is proven to reduce exhaust gas temperatures.

This AEM Water Injection kit’s controller includes a Boost Safe feature. This feature allows users to retard timing or reduce boost via a ground output if the system runs out of fluid or detects a controller error, ensuring fail-safe operation of the engine whether the system is engaged or not. Critical safety features are integrated into the system to virtually eliminate any chance of failure, including an integral fluid level sensor in the reservoir, internal controller diagnostics and an LED dash light to warn of low fluid level or error codes (including short circuits.)