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AEM V2 Water-Methanol Injection Kit with 1-Gallon Tank 30-3300

Part# 30-3300 l UPC# 840879022600
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Product Description

This AEM Water/Methanol Injection Kit reduces air inlet temperatures which allows users to increase boost pressure to create more power by utilizing the cooling effects of the system under heavy load. The kit comes with a 1-Gallon tank for race car applications and is highly effective installed in VW TDI, Mercedes-Benz Diesel and Jeep CRD vehicles . The kit includes all the elements necessary to do water/methanol injection right, including a standard fluid level sensor for the tank, recirculation-style pump, feature-loaded controller, and complete hardware for installation on practically any diesel or gas application. For users who intend to use a custom or existing reservoir, AEM also offers a “tankless” pump and jet kit, part number AEM30-3302. There are no hidden costs or additional components required.

Key Features

  • Universal kit includes everything you need for installation
  • “Boost Safe” safety feature
  • Recirculation-Style, controller-drive 150-PSI
  • 1-Gallon tank with integral fluid level sensors
  • LED dash light included for system status and low fluid warning
  • Methanol compatible up to 50% in solution with water
  • Includes two different-sized jets to match your power requirements

Once the AEM Water/Methanol Kit is installed, a boost-dependent, variable-flow progressive controller allows the user to determine the amount of water/methanol mixture (up to 50%) to feed into the inlet stream from the fluid reservoir. The controller commands a high-pressure, recirculation-style 150-PSI pump that delivers the mixture. Overall flow adjustments at the inlet are made via one of three different-sized jets (included) that are designed to match most engine power requirements.