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BD Diesel Differential Covers are designed to deflect oil back onto the ring gear and into the pinion gear for better coverage, cooler operating temperatures and longer life. With a curved streamlined design, BD Diesel Diff Covers avoid the complications caused by bulky covers that can result in excess heat and wear an tear. 

Key Features

  • Engineered cover design keeps oil on the gears
  • Deflects oil back onto the ring gear and into the pinion gear for cooler longer life
  • Extra capacity sump located at bottom for gears to pick up oil
  • Internal and external cooling fins
  • Stainless steel allen head cap bolts, fill plug
  • Magnetic drain plug
  • Gasketless cover has integral re-usable Viton O-Ring
  • 3 Year / 150,000 Mile Manufacturer's Warranty

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