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Access Original roll-up tonneau truck bed covers. The most popular tonneau cover in North America, the Access Roll Up Tonneau Cover is made model specific for the tightest fit possible. This is a performance accessory that looks great and has an integrated fabric seal on both the front and back. This seal forms a tight barrier between your truck bed and cover. Best of all, since it is part of the skin, it won’t tear away from your truck bed like cheap rubber seals.

With renowned capability, the industry first ACCESS® Original Roll-Up Tonneau Cover has set the standard since 1991. Sitting 1-1/2 in. above the truck box, this premium tonneau cover rolls open in seconds and stores securely behind the cab with a patented cab guard design and durable nylon straps. The patented AUTOLATCH™ II Dual Locking System ensures items in your truck bed remain secure and protected when your cover is closed. These truck bed covers seal on all four sides while the ELEMENT SEAL™ Gasket increases protection at bulkhead to protect your gear in any weather condition. To get the sporty look you want and the versatility you require, make sure to own the ACCESS® Original Roll-Up Cover with the exclusive SLANTBACK® Rear Design.

Key Features:

  • Autolatch™ II Dual Locking System releases both locks instantaneously by pulling on the cord from either side. Durable nylon latches provide half an inch of surface for solid positive latch engagement.
  • XT-Dial™ Tension Adjuster - No tools & No hassle. Enables direct tension control for fine tuning the cover with the turn of an easy grip dial.
  • Seals on all sides - Integrated front and rear vinyl seals and a water-resistant foam gasket between rails and truck box. Element Seal™ Gasket provides additional protection at bulkhead.
  • Hook & Loop Syste provides a high strength seal running the full length of the truck box. Allows one person to easily open the tonneau cover in a straight, compact roll.
  • Premium Nylon Storage Straps  secure the rolled cover and the cab guard design prevents cover from rubbing on cab.
  • Tight Bite™ Clamps attach cover to bed without the need to drill into truck box. Specifically cut "teeth" maintain a superior grip and exceptional strength.
  • Premium Hardware - manufactured with 6000 Series aluminum black bars, bows and rails.



Top Benefits:

  • Protects Your Cargo
  • Rolls Up In Seconds
  • Secure System If Used With Locking Tailgate
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Improved Aerodynamics
  • Up to 10% Fuel Economy Gains
  • Improves Your Truck’s Appearance
  • Premium Tonneau Cover Brand

Access original tonneau truck bed covers are fuel mileage friendly. With the truck bed cover in the closed position, your truck aerodynamics are improved, which results in increased fuel mileage. According to some studies, fuel mileage can increase as much as 10% just by putting on a tonneau truck bed cover.

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